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Gallery : Street Art @ Shah Alam Laman Seni 7

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Street Art @ Shah Alam Laman Seni 7
 Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia - November 2014
"A Single Mother" - an allusion that in today's rate race, we rush around wildly to prepare our children for school.
The art scene in Shah Alam is expanding!
I had previously viewed the wall mural street art at Section 2 of this capital city of Selangor and was quite captivated by it in the sense that art is growing in a clinical and disciplined newly built city.
Now it has got even better, there are more creative creations by local artist at the Laman Seni 7 at Section 7 of the city. And what is more important is that regularly on weekends stalls are set up for artists to show their pieces to the public. This will really be a boost for the creative ones; I can imagine youngsters viewing the wall murals and at the same time interacting and be motivated by the artists at their stalls.

Shah Alam is a purpose-planned city to take over as the capital of Selangor after it's former capital Kuala Lumpur was declared a national territory. Being a pre-planned city, it is modern, well structured with many nice parks, and iconic buildings such as the renown blue-domed state mosque - the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque.
However, many planned cities in the world are seen as too conforming, too structured in physical design and community planning; too disciplined to allow the resident's to open up their creativity.
But for Shah Alam, this is changing; the authorities have opened up and are encouraging the Arts. The artists are having a field day, doing what they do best creating masterpieces in the side and back alleys here. And they have done a great job of incorporating the buildings' pipework, original paintwork and even equipment as part of their art. Some of these murals are in 3-D form with physical props being part of their art.

Here are the art, enjoy!
"What Are You Doing?"
Viewers will be reflected in the broken mirror shards while they take a photo here and becoming part of the picture. This begets the question, "What Are You Doing?".


- a warning for us to halt global warming before it "melts" us.

A blue parrot flying is part of the piece called "Suara Alam" meaning "Nature's Voice".

"Suara Alam" (Nature's Voice)
A beautifully done work of a Mother orangutan carrying her child in the wilds of the tropical forest.

Another view of "Suara Alam"

I wonder what has agitate these people, invoking different expressions from them.

"Di Sebalik Hutan Concret" (On The Other Side Of The Concrete Jungle).

Even the street furniture has become part of the art.

The owl is intrigued by what the man is thinking about.

Don't be sucked in by the hollow pretentious physical values of life.

Villainous Green Octopus.

"Still Praying"
Still praying for the MAS crashed planes; the jigsaw puzzle signifying the puzzlement of how the planes crashed.

Floor Snakes & Ladders Game - presumably one can really play a game here - "Hey! Throw the dice".

Planes flying in formation; are they coming to save us or attack us?

Feeling blue & frustrated?

I wonder what they are releasing, a physical dump or a mental one?
There are no real doors here, the painting are onto the wall and surrounded by metal door frames. Real timber doors are screwed onto the walls.

"Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Hati" (In Here Is Born A Heart)
Are feelings all in the mind?

Malaysian Proboscis Monkey.
These apes with pronounced noses are found in the tropical forest of SabahMalaysia.

"Seniman" (Artistes)
This refers to three well-known actors of the Malaysian movies (P. Ramlee, S. Shamsuddin and Aziz Sattar) in their roles in the movie "Bujang Lapok" (Three Bachelors).

"Dasar Sungai" (The Source Of The River)
Forests and trees are the source of rivers; we have to protect them, replant them, instead of cutting them down.

"The Floor"
Pipi, a little girl with a hard life, enters into her fantasy world through a hole in the road.

Factory equipment; viewers can insert them into this setting and act out the role of Mario, the video game character.

"You In Wonderland"
Viewers can sit on the "rubble stone bench" and fantasize about whatever they need to. Presumably, the red square is where one puts one's head.

Black on green stylized words. I am still trying to figure out what it says.

"Secret Serenity"
A person who is fierce on the outside but an angel on the inside, OR perhaps boiling anger on the outside but peacefully calm within.

On the tarmac; an eagle up in the sky, soaring over the hills.

Raining Colours; how does the rain affect people. I think this depicts the moods that people are in when it rains - some are happy, some are blue.

"ini cherita kita" (This is our story).
This piece seems to have been vandalised, looks like some 3-D props are missing, so it's hard to tell what is their story. I leave it to you to interpret those acronyms.

The wheel was the best idea mankind had, and idea locked up in a crate waiting to be released.

"The Courtyard"
A little boy looks outwards wistfully into the courtyard, yearning to go out an play. The cats at the windows are a nice touch.
Another view of "The Courtyard", showing how the rear roller shutters of the shop have been painted to look like the grand main doors of a Chinese mansion.

Rabbits huddling and cuddling together to form a calf's head reaching out to drink milk from a bottle.

"Jaw Dropping Beauty"
A pink hippopotamus with a roller shutter as its large dropping jaw, looking cool in dark, round John Lennon shades.

Portrait of a pop singer, with the air-conditioning compressors clever use for his glassed. But I wonder, why the Japanese flag?

"Tree Of Life"
A life giving tree with a hole in it peeking out to the beach. A bench is placed under it on a painted garden, whilst the air conditioning compressors seems to be the fruits that this tree bears.

"Suara Alam" (Voice Of Nature).
Another nature's voice made by an elephant breaking through the wall from a natural riverside.

"Fly Away"
Colourful balloons flying away.

"Bumiku" (My World).
Our mother world globe made from recycle materials like old plated, spoons, forks, etc.

"Malaysia's Paradise"
Horizontal art on a vertical surface, one that depicts a girl enjoying the beaches of Malaysia. She's lying on a deck chair painted onto the doors of the shophouse.

These street art are found at the back and side alleys off Jalan Plumbum R7/R.

LAMAN SENI 7, Shah Alam, Jalan Plumbum R7/R, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
GPS: 3.068096,101.489325

View Street Art Shah Alam Laman Seni 7 Location Map in a larger map

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