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Gallery : Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

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Osaka, Japan - October 2014
With twenty-seven tanks in 16 main exhibits & a total volume of 10,941 tons of water, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is one of the largest in the world. The walk-through aquarium displays marine life from several habitats of the Ring of Fire area of the Pacific Ocean.. Displaying a variety of fish including manta rays and a whale shark, the largest tank alone is 9 metres deep and holds 5,400 cubic metres of water.
As the aquarium is very large with thousands of displays, this blog has been further subdivided into different sections for ease of reference.

Entrance into the aquarium is via an clear perspex underwater tunnel that runs below the a tank with fishes swimming around.
Let's look at the exhibits now.
Click on the links below to view each section (blogs on these coming soon) :

The following are some facts of the aquarium:
Map of the Tempozan Harbor Area.

Visitors can view the feeding of some of the marine life; the above is the schedule of the feeding times.
The sharks and rays at the lower floor is also for petting and is opened during the opening times of the place.

Visitors can come via train and stop at the Osaka-Ko station and take a fifteen minutes brisk walk to the aquarium. The roads leading to the place is easy to recognise as they lined with planter boxes that have marine life motifs.

The entrance ticket for this large aquarium is only 2,300 Yen. But at certain hotels, the ticket can be obtained for 2,000 Yen.
The above board shows entrance charges and ride fares for the various facilities provided at this Osaka Bay Area. Note entrance charges/fares are at time of this blog.

The Santa Maria medieval sightseeing cruise ship. Fare per pax is at 3,200 Yen.

The Tempozan, at 100 metres in diameter, it is the world's largest ferries wheel.
Fare per pax per ride is 3,000 Yen for adults only.

The Tempoyan, close up view from bottom.

At night this largest ferries wheel is bathed in a green light.

At the entrance just before the underwater tunnel is a large jawbone of a giant shark. Visitors can pose here, but do be careful as the the teeth are very sharp.

The tanks used in the aquarium are made of 314 tonnes (346 tons) of acrylic glass. The largest single pane measures five meters by five meters by thirty centimetres thick and weighs roughly 10 tons. At the thicknesses used, regular glass would be unwieldy and would not have the desired transparency.

View Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium Location Map in a larger map

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