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YummY! - Curry Noodles ala Kuala Lumpur @ Petaling Street/Madras Lane

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - January, 2014
After taking part in the OCBC Cycle Malaysia event (... see blog), me and a few friends rode off to the Madras Lane food street for some good Kuala Lumpur Style Curry Noodles.

Kuala Lumpur style curry noodles has its own distinctness. Firstly, two ingredients make it unique - boiled dried pork skin and boiled eggplant (brinjals). The other thing is that the soup is thicker than the Penang variety, thick with coconut milk.
Also the locals call it laksa; so those from Penang may get this confused thinking that this laksa is the Penang Asam Laksa.

The stall is located in the Madras Lane hawker street just behind Wisma Pak Peng, Petaling Street. To get there use Jalan Bandar; just after Hotel Malaya make a left into a side lane (this lane is actually Madras Lane). There is ample car-parking here (but could be packed during weekends). The hawker centre is just at the back of this car-park.

There are two stalls here, just next to each other - both are equally good having been selling here for decades.
Above is a photo of the vendor cutting up the pork skin with a scissors. Other ingredients shown here are (from top centre) boiled cockles, boiled eggplant, curry chicken, curry long beans and chilli paste extra. At the centre is a clay-pot of curry with tau-pok and eggplant boiling inside. Whoa! These really look good even before they are added into the serving bowl of noodles!

So how was the taste? The soup was creamy with santan (coconut milk) but well cooked so that the "green" flavour of the santan was not there. The eggplant and long beans were adequately soft and easy to bite into; having been cooked in curry itself they were wonderfully spicy. The cockles added that slight seafood flavour.

For me, best of all were the pork skin. These are pork skin that have been sun-dried that they have become hollowly with cells. The dried pork skin is then boiled so that it becomes soft and spongy. I like these so much that I added extra pork skin for and additional of RM1-50.

The spongy pork skin absorbs the curry. At the same time the sponginess gives it a good munchiness while squirting curry into the mouth. It's a good combination of bite and taste. YummY!

For those who want that extra spiciness, there is a bowl of fired chilli to add to one's liking.

And to cool one's palate after that hot curry - a glass of ice cold chrysanthemum tea.

For those who are not into curry, the stall also sells noodles soup that comes with good fish paste and minced pork.

The price for a small or big bowl of curry noodle or pork/fish ball soup noodle is RM5-00 & RM7-00 respectively. A small bowl with curry chicken is RM7-00.

A nearby stall sells the renown Madras Lane Yong Tau Foo (... see blog).

Madras Lane Hawker Center Location Map (Google Map Link)
off Jln Tun H.S. Lee,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Hours : 6:00am - 3:00 pm daily

GPS : 3.144035, 101.697215

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