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Indonesia - Bali Hai2 : Sept 2008

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Bali Hai 2 : 4th to 7th September 2008
Prayer Festival At Tanahlot, Bali.
After a first visit to Bali (...see Bali Hai blog), memories of the serene island and it's friendly people tugged on our heart strings. We have to go again; go get some calmness as a stress relieve from our hectic daily lives. So off we go again for another short trip there; it was a worthwhile trip and we got to acquaint ourselves more with the island and it's charming ways.

DAY 1 & 2 : 4TH & 5th SEPTEMBER 2008


Our regular van driver Made picked us up from the airport and sent us to our hotel. This time round, we will be staying at the Cendana Resort & Spa in Ubud. It's located just off Monkey Forest Street, the happening place in Ubud.

The small lane leading to the hotel from Monkey Forest Street belies what lies beyond. It is a hotel with individual villas set amidst green padi fields. On can really relax while feasting one's eyes on the greenery and opening one's ears to the sounds of nature (birds chirping, etc.). And all this within walking distance from the action of main street.
That's what I like about Ubud, there is so much hidden behind the streets.

Near the dining chalet, there is another pool; this one is with salted water and has nice Balinese statues lining its edges.


The following day, we rented a motorcycle and rode into Ubud town centre where we stopped at Ibu Oka. This place sells fantastic roast pig called "Babi Guling" locally. These are medium-sized pigs roasted on a spit. The cut pieces are then served with spicy rice.
This place is rather crowded, especially during lunch time; so there is a bit of queueing up before one can "snatch" a seat. Here there also sell (as snacks) deep fried pork skin that are very crispy and crunchy.
By the way, in the photo, those leafy things on the floor are offerings to Hindu Gods. It is all right to step on them, in fact stepping on them impart blessings to the stepper!

After lunch, we went around visiting the many handicraft shops lining the streets of Ubud. Although these shops have a wide and interesting range of beautiful hand-crafted items, we held back buying any. We will be heading to the outskirts of Ubud where there are many shops lining the road; here one may have to visit several shops to get a good range of items, but then they offer better bargains.

That's us at the padi terraces of Tegallang, it's about twenty minutes ride from Ubud town centre. Going by motorcycle there made it easier for parking, there was no need to jostle for parking space with the many cars ferrying tourists there.

DAY 3 : 6th SEPTEMBER 2008

In the morning, we rode over to the Monkey Forest in our motorcycle, it's just a short ride from our hotel. I always like this place it's so green and pristine.... and full of monkeys!

Amidst the greenery of the well preserved forest can be seen ruins. Was there a temple here before.

Whether it's pristine forest or a temple ruin, the monkeys are very at home (... see more at Monkey Forest blog).


Top view of Tampak Siring holy spring pool.
After breakfast at the hotel, we checked out as we will be staying one night in Kuta. But we won't be heading straight to Kuta just yet. Made came to pick us up and took us round to visit other sights first.
Our first stop was the Tampaksiring holy spring.

The water here is reputedly from a holy spring and bubbles out from into two pools. Each pool has three Balinese Lady statues with the water pouring out from pots that they are holding.

For blessings, one can wash one's hands; scoop some water into one's palms and wash the face and feet. Some go for the extra by drinking the water itself.


Popped over to Goa Gajah, this is a sacred place with a cave where there is a altar to Ganesh, the elephant god. The cave is only a small one, but the entrance has a very elaborate carving.

Time for some prayers at the adjacent shrine, prayers to thank for a safe journey so far and prayers for a good future.


After a quick rest and bath it was down to Jimbaran Beach for some nice barbecue seafood. This place is fun as one actually sits on the beach facing the sea while being lulled by the splashing of the incoming waves...

... and the serenading of beach musicians.

CHEEEEEERS! With Bintang Beer.
I just love Bali!

DAY 3 : 6th SEPTEMBER 2008

We are back at Kuta. Sitting here in front of Bubba Gump acting clueless like Forrest Gump while waiting for the wifey who is somewhere around... shopping. Perhaps, like most men, I was really clueless while the little lady is shopping.

Shopping done and we are over at Tanah Lot. Again we are in luck as some ceremony was ongoing; the locals were out in throngs and traditionally attired too!

Tanah Lot is a temple on a small islet just off the coast of Bali. The temple ceremony must have been time to the tides: it was low tide and the devotees could just walk over to the temple on a strip of exposed sand bank.

We walked over too. There on the green sea-weedish rocks, with the waves rolling in, the feeling is one of euphoria!

Goodbye Bali!
It's been great to see you again; we will return.

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