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YummY! - Tapah Treasures @ Sing Seng Kee, Tapah

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Tapah, Selangor, Malaysia - 10th March 2013
Kau Yok - Sinful but Good!
On a return trip from Kampar after attending a cycling event (see UTAR Ride 4 Charity), we stopped by at Tapah for lunch at Sing Seng Kee Restaurant. The Tapah food was very good and very reasonably priced - a real treasure.

Hungry from the cycling, we were glad when the first dish - Paku Sambal Belacan - came.
Fresh, crispy and crunchy, the paku vegetable went well with the sambal. The pounded dried prawns fried in together augmented the flavor of the belacan.
And.... it went well with our white rice; just the right dish to start off with.

Tofu In Mince Pork - another dish that goes well with the rice, the mince pork gravy adding that zing to the tofu. I suspect that they had added some pounded salt fish into the gravy - a hint of that taste was there.

Now comes the Treasure of Tapah - stir fried eels!
This were stir fried in thick sauce with large onions, spring onions & dried chilli for that bitey taste.

I find Tapah's eel so much better than the Japanese Unagi - and at a cheaper price too!
The eel meat is firmer when compared to the Unagi whose meat tend to be soft & almost slimy. The skin of the Tapah eel is also thicker, making it more chewy.
I will let you in on a secret... Unagi is good for the libido, these Tapah ones even better.
Yes... definitely a treasure!

Next was a simple, healthy dish - Stir Fried Celery. Simple & pure; getting us ready for more sinful food ahead! Hahaha...

Here comes the sinful dish...
Kau Yuk, i.e. slices of deep fried pork belly and yam, stir-fried and then steamed.
The one serve here is Hokkein or Hakka style, the meat is firmer and it comes with yam.
The Cantonese version is softer and cooked with salted vegetables.

I like this version; the firmer meat and the crispy outside makes a good play on one's palate. The taste of the 5-spice seasoning in more evident here than the Cantonese version.

The steamed tilapia with spicy bean paste sauce was very fresh. Another of my favorites as the spicy sauce went very well with the fresh fish.

One thing was missing though "Bak Ewe Por", i.e. deep-fried lard cubes - very sinful also, but what the heck, we just cycled much carbs away earlier. So I requested the owner-auntie to add some, Heh.. heh...

Another healthy dish - Steamed Pak Sok Kong (Up-stream Catfish) with lots of garlic in soy sauce.

This catfish came with a pot-belly, a real fatty stomach. But it was good fish fat that was soft and slurpy. Another of my favorites... Slurp.. slurp! 

We thought we had enough...
But next came a huge plate of Stewed Pig Trotters. The trotters are deep-fried and then stewed in brown soy sauce until the skin is soft. Delectable and truly delicious... AND truly finished as we walloped it down.

A close up look of the pig trotters showing the tender meat and skin. Woe me! .... sinful... sinful!

14 Gr Floor, Pusat Perniagan,
Jalan Bidor, 35000 Tapah, Perak

Tel: 012-592 8263 / 012-532 7082
GPS : 4.193364, 101.264213

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