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Intoxicating India 2013 - Jaipur Antiquariat Indian Art Shop

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Intoxicating India : Jaipur Antiquariat Indian Art Shop : February 2013

During the fifth day of our holiday tour of India (see Intoxicating India 2013 : Day 5), we visited the Antiquariat Art Shop in Jaipur. There are thousands of art pieces on display here and I did take quite a number of photos (what can I say, I love art!), so to make it easier to view I am presenting them in a few categories.
- for more Indian Art see Photo Gallery - Indian Art.


Firstly, we were shown how semi-precious stones are prepared and in-laid onto marble art pieces such as table tops, etc.

Some of the semi-precious stones use for in-laying into marble - malachite, tiger's eye, torquise and even corals.

Others used are pearls, opals, amethyst and even sea shells.

Rubies, topaz, emerald, sapphire, etc. are also used.

The craftsmen will skillfully polish the stones, carve openings onto proper positions in the marble and set them into these holes.

A marble table-top. The patterns motifs are painted by hand using natural dyes.

A close-up, showing the circular and oval-shaped semi-precious stone inlay int the outer ring. These stones are added in and then polished down to flatness.

Blue-tone marble-table top with blue colored semi-precious stone inlays.

This table top have cute sand-stone elephant statues as legs.

Red & blue hue motifs marble table top.

This one has black stone elephant statue legs.

Mating Cranes.


Royal Court In A Mughal Garden.

Old India Town Square Scene.

Courting At The Palace.

Palace Festivities.

Royal Elephant Procession.

Dance Festival.

Ancient Indian Home Scene.

Mughal Court.

Mughal Couple.

Royal Mughal Court Entertainment.

Elephant Procession.

Ladies In The Royal Court.

A Maharaja In Official Costume.

Flowers In Gold Leaf.

Indian Dancing Girl.

Turbaned Old Man.

Indian Girl Wearing An Orange Sari.

Royal Mughal In Yellow Costume.

Peacock & Peahen.

Indian Lady Giving Alms.

Preparing The Bride.

Eating Fruits Among Peacocks.

Dancing At Dusk.

Indian Courtesans.

Ladies Dancing Tribute To Siva.

Daydreaming Among Peacocks.

Indian Girl Opium Smoker.

Indian Ayurveda Medicine Body Chart.


Carved Wooden Antique Peacock Chair.

Mother & Baby - Weathered Wood Carving

Statues of Indian Gods, & a semi-nude India Lady.

Indian Lady Dancers Carving Wooden Table Legs

Collection of Rajastani Statues

Lady Sitar Player (wood carving)

Indian Deity carved in red ivory.

Indian Deity carved in white ivory.

Wooden Indian Farmer Statue.

Richly Draped Black Elephant Statue.

Colorful Baby Elephant Statue.

Wooden Horses Statues.

Ancient Indian Army Chess Pieces.

Colorful door with doorway.

Red Chest Cases.


Dancing Couple Vase

Maharaja Riding An Elephant.

Black Silver pieces.

Black Silver Lamp with Lady Dancers.

Gold ornamental necklace/chest piece and ear-rings.

Gold ornamental necklace/chest piece and ear-rings.

Gold Ornamental Necklace.

Calling card for Antiquariat Pvt. Ltd.
Note: for large items they can also include shipping.

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