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Intoxicating India 2013 - Kashmir Paper Mache Shop

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Intoxicating India : Kashmir Paper Mache Shop : February 2013

Paper mache elephant with camels in the desert motifs.
Kashmir's paper mache art is one that's unique to the country. The craftsmen here are very good in producing these art pieces, and paint in them in their own distinct style.


We had the opportunity to visit a Kashmiri paper mache factory and shop (called Persian Arts) while on a boat tour of Lake Dal during our India holiday (see Intoxicating India Day 3).

Sofie, our Kashmiri tour guide, was a versatile fellow. He even demonstrated to us how the paper mache items were made, painted and lacquered. Perhaps he had worked here before.

Tools of the trade in making paper mache. Here the hardly used paper as the base material, wood chips or cardboard are used more. These are easier to sand to a smoother edge for some of the more elaborate pieces.

Paper mache items, before painting and lacquering. Arms, etc. are stuck on later and the pieces are sanded down for rough edges before painting.

A painted platter, nice & colorful - ready to receive the final glossy lacquer. Painting is done by hand, so it all depends on the skill and imagination of the artist.

The finished product - a beautiful, glossy platter.


While the demo was carried out in a small room at the ground floor, the showroom/shop is in a much larger room on the first floor. There were many spotlights on the ceiling shining down to accentuate the detail and glossiness of the paper mache pieces.

They offer a very wide range of paper mache products, from small items to large items.
This pink turtle is about two feet long.

The artisan's attention to fine detail is par excellence, as seen in this close up.

There is a wide range of products from camels, hanging tassel, trays, etc.

To birds, jars, etc.

Ducks, trays and platters. The ducks are also open-able containers.

Cats too!

And the Indian favorite - elephants!

Nicer elephants.

Larger elephants. These are about a foot long.

An even much larger elephant with jungle scene motifs. This elephant and the following one is about 30 inches long.

A large elephant with pink floral design.

An earth-tone leaf design poster.

Green-Blue tone Poster.

Part of a room dividing panel.

Round Dish of Kashmir forest scene.

Tray with maple leaf design.

Jewelry boxes of various designs and sizes.

More jewelry boxes.

Drawer Cabinets with bright floral design.

And even cloths hangers.

Calling card for Persian Arts - note, for large items they can also include shipping.

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed the photos u took at Kashmir. May I know the details of yr tour agent. Are u satisfied with their service? I'll make a trip when it is more peaceful.

    1. Hi Lily,
      Firstly apologies for the late replies as I was in Japan doing a bit of bike touring.
      The agent we used was Parlo Tours based in Kuala Lumpur.
      I am not to sure where you are from and I do hope they will be able to help you.