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Photo Gallery - Indonesia Balinese Art

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PHOTO GALLERY - Balinese Art
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These are photos of artwork that I took at the Neka Art Museum, there were too many to include  in my travel blogs Indonesia : Bali Hai - Sept 2007 &  Indonesia : Bali Hai 3 - Day 2 08/10/11. The rest are shown here. Enjoy.

The photos were taken at the Neka Art MuseumEntry is at Rp20,000 pax and opening hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Mondays to Saturdays; and noon to 5:00pm on Sundays.
An advise to others taking photos at the Museum, the lighting conditions does not allow good photography with instant cameras (like the one I was using). They don't allow flash in the museum, so either use a cameras stand or a better camera. Otherwise, like me, you may end up with many blur photos.

Also, there are labels next to the artwork which gives the name of the art piece and a brief description. I was using Macro mode to take photos of this labels and switching back to normal mode, sometimes I got mixed up and took the photos of the artwork in Macro mode - again those came out blurry. So my advice to avoid this mix-up, is to use one good camera to take the art, and another camera to take the art piece again and the label, both in Macro mode.
Some of the blurred pictures I may include here - because there are either outstanding or too renown to be ignored. My apologies for that.


Classical Balinese Paintings
Classical artwork style by earlier painters -  stylized & colorful but not overly bright.

Hindu Horoscope

Rural Balinese Dancers

Ramayana Scene

Another Ramayana Scene

Angel & Devil


Harvesting Fruits

Nymphs In The Forest

Respectful Greeting

Lady Villagers Harvesting Fruits

Dancing Ceremony

Temple Ceremony

Harvest Ceremony

Marine Life

Creation (Lingga Dan Yoni)


Female Dancer

Contemporary Balinese Paintings
More current artwork style  -  stylized and more colorful.

Women With Water Jar

Miss Komang

Heading For A Beach Ceremony

Balinese Girl

Village Maiden

Legong Dancer

Miss Sasih

Balinese Dancer Miss Gusti

Temple Offerings

Miss Dablig Weaving

Temple At Pagan

Reclining Girl

Farmer Girl

Waiting To Dance
(In this painting, and the following few, the artist uses a style of painting onto part of the framed. The subjects seems to pop out from the painting.)

My Dear Little One

Rama's Promise To Sita

Mother & Baby

Reclining Girl.

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