Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photo Gallery - Cambodia Phnom Penh

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PHOTO GALLERY - Cambodia (Phnom Penh) July 28th-29th 2012
These are nice photos I took, but which were not included in my travel blog  Cambodia- Phnom Penh : July 2012. Enjoy.
Silhouette of Royal Palace Roof

Perimeter wall roof of the Royal Palace

Cambodian Lion

Balanced Roofs, Royal Palace

Roof Gable End Carving, Royal Palace.

Entrance Gate Roof, Royal Palace

Perimeter Wall Roof, Royal Palace

Garden Sculptures, Royal Palace

Official Entrance Gate, Royal Palace

Window Carving, Royal Palace

Colorful roof, Royal Palace

Khmer Aspara (Angel), Royal Palace

Khmer Aspara, Royal Palace

Aspara In A Row, Royal Palace

Flowery Tile Pattern, Royal Palace

Angular Temple Base, Royal Palace

Roof Angles, Central Market

Roof Stepped Dome, Central Market

Segmented Ceiling, Central Market

Archway Ceiling, Central Market

Bejeweled Bracelet, Central Market

Bejeweled Brooches, Central Market

Bejeweled Rings, Central Market

Colorful Dolls, Russian Market

Colorful Bird Dolls, Russian Market

Motrocycle Frames, Russian Market

Colorful Ball Lanterns, Russian Market

Red Lines at International Airport

Coral Ball Lighting at International Airport

Colorful Cambodian Paintings, International Airport

Sandstone Carving at International Airport

Stall Roofing at International Airport

Cambodian Sandstone Statue, International Airport

Store Signage at International Airport

Stylized Paneling at International Airport

Poster Signage at International Airport

You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Photo Gallery / Phnom Penh Photo Gallery
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