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Art Gallery - Taiwan Street Art @ Taipei Cinema Park (臺北市電影主題公園)

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Taiwan Street Art @ Taipei Cinema Park
Taipei, Taiwan  - November 2017
It was the last few days in of our cycling tour of Taiwan, we went cycling around Taipei and visited the Taipei Cinema Park. In that park where many youths came for some light sports and other recreation activities, were many well rendered street art.
Below are photos of some of the artwork that we saw. These photos here gives a representation of what I saw; nothing beats going there to see them for yourselves.

These street art murals lined the rear walls of the side lanes and back alleys. Do be careful when taking photos, cars and motor-bikes do come zooming by.

Other than the alleys, the murals can also be seen at the landscape park leading to the cinemas.

An annual affair of the 1990's? I wonder what does the #23 signify?

A young boy climbs up a ladder for some air-brush painting of a mural.

A blue Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; the left one calm and the right one seems to be in agony.

A modern twist on Death, shown with a dagger instead of a scythe with a friendly parrot on his shoulder.

A red rendition of a jazz singer? I thinks so as this painting looks all jazzy.

Angry dragons with skeletal heads.

Why did the chicken want to cross the road? This one's squawking in frustration in its unsuccessful attempt; probably pulling back just in time to avoid being knocked down by traffic.

Into a colorful sunset, a cool play on Galilieo's Renaissance Man. But why is he holding a bowling ball in one hand?

A headache-giving look of psychedelic pyramids and twisty wave forms.

An advert for a shampoo commercial, perhaps.

Hmmm.... globes surrounding a red tiger-striped pyramid.

Modern all seeing eye looking at a blueish underwater scene and red rose nebulas in a dark sky.

One of my favorites, a boxer dog with a mane of green vine leaves.

A kid wearing a tiger cap next to a chained coiled snake. Kid is red-eyed and salivating; perhaps from staying up till late hours playing video games.

A water fountain with odd graffiti; I did not try drinking from it... would you?

Red crested cranes with colourful flowers, drawn in Chinese painting style. This is a big one, spanning three storeys high.

Blue skull with a melancholy look; probably thinking impatiently why visitors are not affording it privacy.

Wow Song La.... spoken in Manglish, do the Taiwanese us the "La" often in their market English? Not sure why the boy is feeling "song" as can't see what his other hand is up to.

A stylized dog head, wearing a "crown"?

Yellow Bandid Cat.... looks like the dog before this is probably a sheriff who should be going after this cat!

A skeleton smashed by a green comet?

A young purple haired witch with her owl familiar.

Godzilla - appropriately made of recycled plastic bottles and tires, playing on the significance of how pollution gave birth to this monster.

Skyline of a modern city on an alien planet.

A mother flamingo, look carefully and you will see it nursing its baby.

A black cat among the pyramids; looks like Felix the Cat sitting sphinx-style.

A fierce blue dragon breathing out fire to burn out some colourful words, indicating authoritarian censorship perhaps.

A four-eyed grey chicken with red crests.

A blue shark with sky patterns on its body.

A MRT train moving over flashing neon lights of Taipei City.

A red/orange Chinese lantern with the words "Xi Men" meaning Fourth Gate; the ancient city gate of Taipei after which Ximending is named. Note; Taipei Cinema Park is located within the Ximending District of Taipei.

"Taipei Universaide", is it incorrectly spelled or was the artist trying to say something else?

Blue boxing glove painted onto an oil drum.

A nasty ferocious looking shark munching up words; another artwork signifying authorities eating up the public's words?

This is another tall one spanning four-storeys high - Mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb, showing many faces of death withing it, and also containing eyes that had foreseen this outcome.

Another tall wall mural of a Negro basketball player, standing over three-storeys tall and dwarfing the nearby trees.

Another mural on war and strife, and always there are the eyes, do they represent the conscience of Man?

A tall cool looking hobo with a garbage bag for his luggage.

This poor devil seems to be frightened of something instead of scaring others.

Another of my favourites - a blue wolf reigning over a modern city. I couldn't really get a good shot of this as it was within a locked compound.

And to close off, a stylized bird head with other colourful birds flying towards it.

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