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YummY! - Taiwanese Lamb Hot Pot (日日興現宰羊肉爐) @ Dounan, Chiayi

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Taiwanese Lamb Hot Pot (日日興現宰羊肉爐) @ Dounan, Chiayi

Dounan Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan - October 2017
Often our cycling adventures have destinations that are restaurants or even roadside stalls with good food; sometimes it is the unintended find en-route that come up with very delicious or unique food.
It was during our cycling tour of Taiwan that we were surprised with an unexpected find, and one that is unique too!

It was way past noon and we were riding from Dounan Railway Station heading for the Tropic of Cancer Monument in Chiayi. Getting hungry we were on the look out for any food, whether good or so-so, just to fill our tummies. We rode pass this butcher shop.... odd.... they were still selling fresh lamb at this late hour, which was way past marketing time.

The young butcher was cutting the chunks of lamp into smaller pieces, are they for sale?

Behind his stall were trays of lamb shanks cut into manageable pieces, there is a some story on these shanks which we would come to later on.
Curious we stopped to have a look and were pleasantly surprise to find that THERE WAS A RESTUARANT next to the stall!
The lamb cuts were for the air-conditioned restaurant next door; diners who are more particular can come to the stall to select preferred cuts. I guess they also sell the lamb to people as take-away for cooking back home.

Happy that we had found a good place for lunch, we went in. We were novices in eating lamb and so made our orders through their menu instead of selecting meat at the stall. Here the lamb are served in hot pot like the one shown above. It doesn't look that great.....

..... until one stir in and reveal the thick cuts of lamb, some with layers of fat too. The lamb were cooked together with large shreds of cabbages with no elaborate spices added in.

Without to much spices to get in the way, the soup had a strong flavor of lamb and yet the aroma was not overbearing like some lamb dishes. Another good thing is that, the lamb although simply cooked like this, was tender and tasted good.

The soup stew was served with side orders of misua, served on small plates.

The misua was soft and just slightly sticky and came with bits of fried garlic. Each plate was good for two pax, unless they were excessively hungry like greedy ol' me!
We were each given smaller bowls - scooped some misua in and poured soup with generous helpings of lamb over them. It was good as the plain misua easily absorb in the flavors of the soup. What a good find this was!

Okay. Back to the shank bones. Locals order these as side-orders; not to add to the soup but more for the marrow inside the bone. And they have a particular way to eat these; straws were provided and diners just suck in the marrow!

日日興現宰羊肉爐 Lamb Hotpot Shop
590, Section 3, Yanping Road, Dounan Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan 631.
Phone: +886-55910441 / +886-55910442
Hours: Monday to Saturdays 10:00am to 1:00am     | Sundays 10:00am to 12:00am

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