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YummY! - Good Hakka Food @ Titi, Negeri Sembilan

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Sin Wong Kok Restaurant, Titi, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia - April 2015
What's this? Plain Tofu as an introductory photo for a foodie place?
I never underestimate the plain tofu, and at Titi we found one of the best when on a cycling trip there (... see blog) we had had some good Yong Tau Foo at a noodles shop for breakfast. The tofu were larger than most and had that slightly musky flavour with a tinge of unique bitternes; both of which came together to form an excellent tofu.
We couldn't have enough, so come lunch we ordered a dish of tofu at the nearby restaurant!

We were at doing a couple of cycling loops in Titi; finished with the ride, lunch was at Restoran Sin Wong Kok which is located at an odd place - at Titi's Rukin Tetangga base. The restaurant serves Hakka fare, on which I have seldom had the chance to try, so here goes...

To kick-off; a plate of mouth watering Hakka Char Yoke.
This is a dish of pork slices that has been deep fried to give them a thin coat of crispiness. The pork is then stir-fried to a gravy with a healthy amount of black fungus. The meat was tender and the pork skin was adequately soft, just right for a good start to go with white rice.

We are back to the white tofu; told you we could not get enough of it.
The tofu was lightly fried and served with a lightly flavoured gravy with sprinklings of spring onion and Chinese white lettuce.

The next dish had an interesting name - "Puppy Duck"!
It's a local Hakka delicacy here at Titi but I am not too sure why it has that name; perhaps the town folks likes to eat dogs and the place had run out of dogs (we did not see many dogs here!). Or perhaps they love their dogs as pets, so substituted a dog dish with one made from duck. The ingredients are the same for cooking puppies, hence the name.

This is a duck stew, cooked in a claypot with a thick dark soy-light soy combo sauce, one that is fairly strong in taste and flavour. It seems the Hakka here like strong tastes.

Ikan Haruan (Snakehead Murrel) fillet, stir-fried with spring onions and ginger strips.
A dish to break the strongly flavoured meat dishes. The Haruan is a cousin of the Toman (Giant Snakehead) but with more tender meat. Cooked this way with a light sauce, the flavour of the meat came out all the better.

Hakka Kau Yoke.
This are slices of pork belly deep-fried and then stir-fried with yam slices (that had also been pre-deep fried). The combo is then left in a steamer for final cooking.
The Hakka version is similar to the Hokkien version being cooked with yam, the difference is that here the pork and yam slices were thicker. Perhaps the locals, most of whom are farmers need to eat healthier portions for their work.

Stir-fried Chinese Chives with Bean Sprouts.
Another simple dish to balance of the strong Hakka flavours of the rest. Adding bean sprouts to this was a good mix of hard crunchy bite of the chives with soft crunchy bite of the bean sprouts.

My favourite for the day - Fish Head & Fish Ball Soup.
The fish ball were made from Ikan Parang/Sai To Fish (Wolf Herring) and were of slightly large size than those we normally find at the markets. Solid in texture with a good bounce, it was full of fishy flavour as expected from Sai To fishballs.
But where are the fish head bits? The ones that are suppose to make this a signature dish; Hah! They are lurking somewhere below, slowly adding their fried fish flavour to the soup.

Scoop further in and there are the cuts of fish-head, well fried with their oily flavour giving the soup that strong fishy essence. It was so good that there was no necessity to add evaporated milk to enhance the taste. This soup put to shame many of the "so-called" up-market fish-head noodles, some of which don't even use fish head!

Our lunch bill came to RM240-00 for the seven dishes and drinks, the quantity of which was more than enough to feed the eleven of us. At RM22-00 per pax including three meat dishes and two fish dishes it was a steal. Hard to find price range like this in the cities!

While in Titi town; take a walk around to shop. Their are stalls selling very sweet pineapples and surprising also stalls selling good Nyonya kueh. I like the one shown above; it is a kind of black ang-koo sans the filling; very bitey and not too sweet.
(Note: I am mistaken, these are not Nyonya kueh but Hakka kueh.)

Pusat Rukin Tetangga, Jalan Baru Hosapa, 71650 Titi, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Tel: 06-611 3481     Mobile: +6019-3769448 / +6017-6218239     Email:
GPS: 2.996349, 102.076424
Hours: 11:30am to 11:00pm
(Click here for Google Street View)

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