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YummY! - 'Licious Chinese Dishes @ Lucky Loke

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SS3, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
I have been to Lucky Loke many times, I like the place, it's unpretentious, simple and most important of all the food is cheap and good.

But Lucky Loke is not easy to find, you won't find it's name on the shop that it occupies. Instead, look out for Restoran Kean Fatt, a corner shop-lot in SS3, Petaling Jaya.

Lucky Loke operates from this coffee shop in the evenings. They are what the locals call a "Tai Chow" stall occupying a lean-to shed at the side of this corner shop lot. When one get to the side, then only can their name be seen!

The kitchen is at the back portion of this lean-to. Spartanly equipped, it was most surprising that they could come out with such delicious & mouth-watering dishes. And they do it fast too. Even, with the place fully occupied, one does not have to wait long for the dishes to roll out.
Coming Oooouuut!

Fried Tofu in Minced Pork
There were five of us - my brother Handsome, his wife Amy, my god-brother Lau, an American cyclist friend Dave, and me.
The smiling plump lady "captain" took our orders. Lau, who most most familiar with this place mumbled out a quick list of orders.
What's that? I was trying to hear from his soft mumbling. But he made it so fast and the lady seems to take it all in even before I could grasp the name of the first dish.

The first dish came, deep-fried egg-tofu in minced pork gravy garnished with spring onions and with some chopped salted veggies to spunk up the taste.

I easily slurped in the soft tofu, the gravy was good. Did I taste a hint of bean paste there?

Next came a unique dish - stir-fried Baby Chinese Cabbage in Yam (Taro) Gravy with a sprinkling of deep fried dried prawns.
This is one of their new creations, and a good one I must say. The yam gravy went well with the crunchy baby cabbage.

The "Siong Tong Lala" clams soup that came next was ok only. It was lacking more chili to give the soup more oomph.

It was served in a small wok with a small wax flame below to keep it warm.

The Stewed Frog Legs came with a generous dose of minced ginger with some light soy sauce gravy. The locals call the frogs "Padi Chicken" as they thrive in the padi fields and can grow quite large - sometimes up to 9 inches long.

Next came one huge Tilapia, crisply deep-fried until even the fins are crunchy. This is one of their signature dish, served with sweet-sour-salty soy gravy and with a generous helping of freshly chopped garlic atop.

This photo of the fish thoroughly decimated is a testament to how good it was. I was even tempted to chomp through the head!
By the way, that's a rice ladle there on the right and not a spoon - just to show how big the fish was.

The final dish was Stewed Pork Ribs in Ground-nut Gravy. Soft, tender with the meat sucking up the gravy, this dish went so well with the rice that we went three rounds of rice.
"Waiter! More rice!"
"Huh? Again?"

Six dishes for the five of us? And we even had beer to go with it. We must really be greedy pigs!

Nope we weren't.....
The food was EXCELLENT.

Lucky Loke Restaurant Location Map (Google Map Link)


2, SS3/59E,
Taman Jaya,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

GPS : 3.109576, 101.611775

Tel : 019-3388909 / 017-6668321
(Note call for reservations especially on weekends as the place can be quite packed. Also can call to make advance orders for some dishes that may take more time to prepare, ask them to recommend these.)

Opening Hours : 5:30pm - 11:30pm (Closed alternate Wednesdays)

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