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YummY! - Crepes Layered Cakes @ Nadeje Malacca

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Jalan PM4, Plaza Makhota, Malacca, Malaysia
We were on a bike-packing tour of Malacca when our biking buddy Siew Yung (see Peranankan Bike-Packers Day 2), who hails from this town, took us on a short detour to Nadeje.
It was not part of our cultural experience of Malacca, but were we glad that she did, for Nadeje packs some wallop when it comes to cakes!

Even as one enters the place, the many colorful cakes facing the entrance sets the mood for a gastronomical experience.

We opted for seating at one of the tables instead of at the counter - needing to relax after a morning of cycling. There are counter seating and even a rear private section.

Our orders came : Chocolate Crepe

The ever favorite Tiramisu but crepe style.

Strawberry Crepe

The spoonful of strawberry cake went in smoothly, the layered crepe creating wonders in my mouth with the cream oozing out as I bite in. Mmmmm Hmmmm...... YummY!
Nice and not to sweet or overly creamy.

Other than the normal drinks fare, Nadeje also serves Special Drinks such as this Calpis Pink Guava.

They have a good range of cakes to satisfy anyone's taste, such as this simple but nice Original Crepe.

Berry-berry Strawberry, Chocolate & Strawberry Chocolate Crepes.

Banana Chocolate, Malacca, Double Chocolate &  Praline Lover Crepes.

Cafe Mocha, Green Tea & Cheese Crepes.

Chocolate Mint Mousse & Double Cheese Cakes.
Most of these crepes & cakes are priced around RM9-00.

Mango Tarts, Nama Donut (Orange Cheese) & Nama Donut (Cheese).

Mixed Berry & Mango Tarts.

Nadeje Special Drinks Menu & Pricing.

Nadeje calling cards with FaceBook Page and web-site.

Addresses of the various Nadeje outlets in Malacca, we were at the Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota shop.

Nadeje Plaza Mahkota

Address : G-23, 25 & 27, Jalan PM4.
                7500 Melaka, Malaysia.
GPS      : North 2.1907804 East 102.2458614

Tel.       : 06-2277750

The service was average, but the crepes.....
the crepes were fantastic.

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