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YummY! - Pork Soup Noodle @ U Like It Restaurant

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Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
After a Charity Bike Ride with some Malaysian Beauty Queens (see Veemer Charity Ride 2012), some of my biking buddies called me over to a coffee shop to have a quick lunch.
Well, after cycling one gets works up a good appetite - so Eats it is!

The place they were at was just a coffee shop in nearby Taman Desa, called U Like It Restaurant.
With a name like that, the food should not be wrong.... I hope ^_^ 
It's next to the Faber Towers office blocks.

Oops! When I reached the place, my biking buddies were already eating and some of them had even done eating. Finisto!

Ok. Better be polite and quickly order.

But what should I eat? Just the day before, I was involved in a nasty but not too serious accident (see Safety Consideration #3 - the Accident)
My lips were swollen. They looked sexy like Angelina Jolie's.
But those sexy lips wasn't helpful in eating! I couldn't munch properly as it hurts.
So looking around at the stalls, I ordered a simple pork "mee suah" noodles.
Mee suah is even softer than vermicelli - so that will be helpful. And the pork will be minced pork, also helpful!

Even before it came, I could smell it.
Looks good with mince meat and some slices of pork liver and topped with spring onion garnishing in a clear soup.
And best of all... was those crunchy looking "Vitamins" (that's what my friends at the FB Group "Eat Out With Sam" call those deep fried lard cubes).

The soup was heavenly, not to strongly sweet or salty. The mince pork just nicely minced, meaning that it was not chopped up to finely. And the pork live was cooked just long enough for it to be still soft and juicy. Overcooked, the liver will be tough!

A simple but delicious meal, and hopefully good for healing a sick man... ME!

I didn't check, but like most Pork Noodles stalls, they probably serve a wide range of noodles like mee, keow teow, bee hoon in soup or dry style. There should also be a good range of ingredients for customers to add ons - pork balls, slice of pork, pig's intestines, etc.
Perhaps, another day when my mouth is better I will try the rest. Ha!ha!

U Like It Restaurant Location Map (Google Map Link)
U Like It Restaurant is located at Jalan Desa Bakti, behind the Public Bank.

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