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YummY! - Beef Noodles @ Gyuniku

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Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
October 2012
On another bike ride (see Kuala Lumpur : Kiara Hills Ride), the gang and me stopped by at Gyuniku for beef noodles, but note they serve also beef rice & porridge too.
I am still trying to figure out what their name means. It sounds Korean, but their food is definitely not Korean - it's a more localized style.
If in Hokkien it sounds like My Cow or My Cow's Milk.
Whatever it means, their food is good!

One of my buddies ordered the popiah (spring rolls). It does  look good, with the shredded turnip not too finely cut and the filling not overly wet as to "melt" the popiah skin.
Just enough gravy at the bottom to add to the sweetness.

Due to a recent biking mishap (see Safety Considerations #3 - The Accident), I was still on a soft diet. The owner of the place, Doris was kind enough to take a special order from me - minced beef & tendon broth.
The broth made from beef soup had that beefy headiness in it. The beef tender to the bite and yet retaining its sweetness.

The tendon was one of the best I have tried, soft but not slurpy; chewy but not to hard!
Garnished with some chopped spring onions and with a heavy dose of pepper, the porridge was just what the doctor ordered for me..... but it was so YummY!
So don't get the wrong ideas that it is broth for the sick! I will eat and enjoy this porridge even in perfect health.

It was a hot day's cycling, and to refresh myself I ordered cucumber juice - good and refreshing heh! heh!
It had thin slices of the cucumber core added in; but I rather have it plain and filtered - just the pure essence and freshness of cucumber is good enough for me.

Other orders were - this Herbal beef soup that came with slices of beef, some tendon and beef meatballs; all to go with rice.

Beef Keow Teow Soup with sliced beef, meatballs and beef tripe. Bean sprouts and spring onions added as garnishing.

Slice & minced beef Keow Teow Soup with meatballs and bean sprouts.

Plain, unsweetened spicy chilli sauce to go with the noodles.

Appetizing & colorful looking ice-kacang with cincau, cream corn, nipah seed, chendul and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Chendul, a Malaysian favorite dessert.

Tempting Sago Pudding!

At on side of the front section is a half-glazed walled off section of the kitchen. The staff can be seen preparing the food hygienically.

Outdoor seating is at the five-foot way and also at two large round tables on the inside. Yup! Those are my biking buddies with bandannas.

The indoor seating area with serving counter on the left.

Gyuniku has a fairly extensive menu, above is the starters menu.

The Claypot Specials Menu

The Beef Noodle Specialities Menu

The Rice & Porridge Menu

The Chicken & Seafod Specialties Menu

The Drinks Menu

The Desserts Menu. Surprisingly they have Tee Ya Kuih, something from Penang but very rarely found in Kuala Lumpur.

Gyuniku is easy to locate, just look out for the cow heads.
Restaurant Gyuniku
No. 20, Jalan 28/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas, 
Kuala Lumpur,


GPS : 101°43′ 3″ - 3°9′ 36″

Tel: 03-2300-0122 (Doris)

Hours : Everyday - 12:00pm to 9.30pm

Gyuniku Beef Noodles Location Map (Click for Map Link)
My meal cost me RM9-00 for the porridge and RM3-00 for the cucumber juice. Very reasonable pricing considering that they are located at an up-market locality.

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  1. Wow! They got Tee Nya Kuih! That's RARE! Thk u, now I know where to find it. It seems also that this outlet is very Pg- food kinda of place. from the popiah (which looks really authentically Pg btw) to the ais kacang

    1. Thanks. Very Much.
      I was getting into the doldrums in my blog writing, your comments have lifted my spirits.

      I did not get to try the Tee Nya Kueh - one can't really have too full a stomach when biking around.

      If you do try it, do let me know how well they compare to the Penang ones.

      BTW, are you from Penang.