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YummY! - Orrusey Noodle Restaurant, Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
On my second day of my business trip to Phnom PenhCambodia I had lunch at the Orrusey Noodle Restaurant nearby to the hotel I was staying in. It is a coffee shop with a stall selling noodles of various kinds. They do serve bread, steamed buns, etc. But most of the patrons go there for the noodles.

They serve noodles soup and not fried noodles. Different type of noodles are there for the choosing :
- Chinese yellow round noodles
- Wantan mee round or flat noodles
- Vemicelli
- Hor Fun (Flat rice noodles of wide variety)
- Keow Teow (Flat rice noodles of narrow variety)
- Instant noodles

To go with the noodles, one can select a variety of meat :
- Beef
- Pork (breast meat from somewhere near the heart)
- Chicken or Duck
- Chinese pork balls
- Siow Kau Wantans

And for the more adventurous :
- Pork liver
- Pig's Tongue
- Pig's Stomach
- Small or Large Pig's Intestine
- Pork Trotters
- Pig's Blood

I took a seat inside the shop. It was still fairly early and the place was quite empty, because of this the place looks clean. Later with more patrons, the place will be much dirtier as the locals have a habit of throwing tissues and even spitting out food onto the floor. One just have to hold in one's stomach and bear with it.

My order was hor fun with breast pork, large instestines, pig liver and pig blood. But when the noodle was brought over, it was wrong. They had included pork trotters, which I didn't quite like as the meat & skin is rather tough. In replacement, I had asked for more pig's blood - a favorite of mine. So they took it back.

The right mix was brought back, and it does look delicious indeed, with the soup stock just rightfully tasty. The breast pork was tender and slightly juicy, while the pre-cooked large intestines were soft and not too rubbery. The pig's blood was not too hard and a soft bite will cut  through it. But the pork liver was a bit overcooked and dry. Overall the dish was good and I slowly savored it. Free warm or iced teas is given.

Served with the noodles are a small plate of boiled bean sprouts to be added into the soup, and also a slice of lime to be squeeze in. I skipped the lime, but the locals love it.

They also served sweet sauce with grounded chili. For the extra zing, dip the ingredients into this. Or just pour it into the soup to make it tastier.

Extra condiment like soy sauce, grounded black & white pepper, pickle chillis and sugar are available for adding to cater to individual palates. The Cambodians like their food sweeter and would normally add a good dose of sugar.

Address:  No. 68Eo, Street 217 (Monireth Blvd), Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Email : 

Cost : 
USD 3-75 : for 1 bowl of noodles, price will vary depends on number of ingredients added.
Free : Warm or Iced Chinese Tea

Orrusey Restaurant Location Map (Google Map Link)
You are at - Jotaro's Blog / FootSteps / YummY! / Cambodian & Thai Food / Orrusey Noodle Restaurant
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