Friday, May 25, 2012

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These are my various travelogues. Links added to make it easier to follow my footsteps.

Travel Tips : Travel Tips to ease your journey and acquaint you with the country.
YummY!  : My escapades into the sumptuous world of food!
I C* U - Jotaro's Reveiws  : reviews of food, hotels, sites.
Travel Sites  These are Wonders of the World, UNESCO
Heritage and other notable sites I have visited.
Art Gallery : Photos of beautiful artwork that I took during my travel, sorted by countries.
Photo Gallery : Nice photos that were not included in the Travel Blogs.
AhPek Biker : Old Dog Rides Again! An old dog riding adventures around the world.


Cambodia - Phnom Penh Museums : December 2012
A surprisingly educational visit to the National Museum of Cambodia.

Thailand 2013 : July 2013
A quick, crazy one nighter to Bangkok but we managed to cover temples, an art museum, local markets & shopping malls.
Be captivated by the water-puppets and awed by the beauty of Ha Long Bay

You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps-Jotaro's Travels
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