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YummY! - Seafood @ Sinki Restaurant, Dengkil, Selangor

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Dengkil, Selangor, Malaysia - 24th January, 2013
After a nice bike ride to view the beautiful bridges of Putrajaya, Malaysia (see Beautiful Bridges Ride) we went to have lunch at Sinki Restaurant in nearby Dengkil.
While involved in the construction of Putrajaya about a decade ago, I had regularly eaten here; but since then I have not been there. I wonder - "Is the food still good?"

We were early AND lucky that the place was not packed yet as it normally would be at lunch time.

This gave us a chance for us to quickly make our orders; and the food was promptly served.

The Deep Fried Grouper In Spicy sauce came first. It was garnished with slices red chili and spring onions.

The fish was fresh, very fresh and the spicy sauce gave a bite that went well with the fresh fish meat.

A huge serving of Deep Fried Pork Knuckles came next. It was served with a sweet gravy.

The skin was crispy and very crunchy to bite into AND the meat although deep-fried was tender. And my favorite part, the tendons were soft and chewy. YummY!

Nest came the piece de resistance 'Har Lok" Prawns - Super duper large Kelong prawns in dark soy sauce with cucumber slices and spring onions garnishing.
It has to be the showpiece here as its cost came to almost half the total bill.

These "Kelong" prawns were huge but surprisingly (unlike lobsters) their meat was very tender and fresh. The best part is the slurpy soft part from the big head.
Sinful but good!

The Pak Cham Kai (Simple Boiled Chicken) came garnished with slices of green spring onions and red chili. This chicken just dipped twice into boiling water for a short time, timing is important.

The other secret is rubbing sesame seed oil and good soy sauce onto the skin.
My favorite is the chicken wings, these have a nice balance of meat and skin.

Lastly came a big mound of Paku vegetables; stir-fried with some dried prawn, some sliced chili and lots of chopped garlic.

The bill came to RM302/= including the beers that we had.
The food pricing is higher than when I ate here ages ago, but other than the prawns the cost was still reasonable.

So go for the prawns if you feel like splurging, they are delicious!

96 Jalan Besar Dengkil,
43800 Selangor, Malaysia

Tel. : +6012-266 7161

GPS : 2.856918, 101.680854
Sinki Restaurant Location Map (Google Map Link)

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