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YummY! - Laksa Sarang Burong @ Kuala Kangsar

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Laksa Sarang Burong @ Kuala Kangsar
Kampung Kota Lama Kiri, Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia - April 2017
There's this unique and good food in Kuala Kangsar that's making some news lately. It's called Laksa Sarang Burung. It's a Northern style Malay Laksa with a twist; an omelet fried to look like a bird's nest in put on top!

What's even more interesting is that the stall selling this, Warung Telaga, is set in a kampong called Kampung Kota Lama Kiri (the Kiri meaning left as it is on the left side of the Sungai Perak. There is a large shed to sit in and enjoy the food.

But many opt to sit out in the open below shady trees (it's quite cooling actually); and after the meal, just lie down and relax on the hammoks provided while having a good view of the nearby green padi fields.

The Laksa is one of the Norhtern Malay style, which is les spicy hot. But that does not mean that is has less spices, in fact those spice flavour up the dish and enhance the fishy tasting soup. The dish is served with the usual sliced cucumber, a bit of cut Chinese lettuce and some cuts of red chilli (for those who want more oomph!). The noodles themselves are shorter lengths and less bitey. The fried bird's nest egg sit pronouncely on half the plate atop all of these.
The fishy soup is somewhat on the dilute side (as compared to the Penang Laksa), but still tasty and just filled with adequate fish.

A close look at the egg showed that they are porous, somewhat honeycombed. I think they use the same cup for making roti jala to fry this egg. One can eat the egg crispy and crunchy bit itself; or dip it into the soup and like a sponge it absorbs in the flavour for a half crunchy bite.

While up in Kuala Kangsar, do tour the town. It's a very clean and friendly place with a very nice river-side recreation park; and nearby is the beautiful and renown Ubudiah Mosque.

Further ahead is the Istana Kenangan, an attractive yellow timber building that was the former palace. It has a combo of Malay architecture with timber slats roof  (very European, the slats). Now it houses the Perak Royal Museum.
(... click here to see a YouTube presentation of colonial Kuala Kangsar)

Here's Warung Telaga Food Menu; their pricing is very out-of-city reasonable. The Laksa Sarang Burong cost only MYR3-50. There are other combinations, i.e. laksa with boiled eggs or fried eggs or with fish cakes.

Warung Telaga's Drinks Menu. Not sure what the Joss O stands for, will have to try that the next time!

Batu 30, Kampung Kuala Chempias, Kampung Kota Lama Kiri, 33000 Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia,
Mobile: +6012-5934771
Hours: 3:00 pm to 8:00pm (Closed on Thursdays & Fridays)
GPS: 4.78623, 100.94203

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