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YummY! - Ikan Bakar (Charcoal Grilled Fish) @ Teluk Tempoyak Penang

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Ikan Bakar (Charcoal Grilled Fish) @ Teluk Tempoyak Penang
Batu Maung, Penang, Malaysia - March 2016
I cycled up and down two hills at Batu Maung just to get to eat this! It had better be good!
I had flown in to Penang Island and was cycling (I had brought my bike along the flight) towards Tanjong Tokong. Having heard much about the Ikan Bakar at Teluk Tempoyak, I told myself why not cycle there and see whether it's that good. But then I had not expected those two hills!
I had climbed one hill to go for the "Original Ikan Bakar", but it was closed .... and my tired legs almost gave way in disappointment. Okay.... don't despair; there is always the other one... so down I went the hill and climbed up another one to reach D'Seafood Paradise.

Let's see what the Hoo-Hah about this grilled fish is all about.
They have a wide range of fresh seafood, all obtained from local fishermen of the Batu Maung fishing village.

Other than fishes, they also have cuttlefish...

... prawns, this is the white-shell variety - with tender and tastier flesh.

Flower crabs...

... and these odd and un-appetizing looking stuff which actually taste very good. It's cuttlefish eggs/roe, the one on the right are more matured eggs and on the left are softer semi-matured ones. I like the softer ones as they are creamy and slurpy. Have to watch the cholesterol levels on these though!

And a wide range of fishes.
Unfortunately, I was alone and could not finish these larger fishes like the red snappers (for full range and pricing of fishes see the menu at the bottom). So I just opted for a medium-sized piece of a sting-ray.

My fish came, wrapped in the banana leaf that it was grilled in, sitting atop a banana-leaf design platter. And served with a bowl each of sambal sauce and "sambal kicap" sauce, I liked both of these. Too bad they don't have sambal tempoyak.... sambal with tempoyak (fermented durians) after which this place is named.
It looked mysterious, I wonder what lies within?

Inside: nicely grilled ray-fish covered with lots of chilli-rempa seasoning. This is the bottom with the thinner skin, the fish was very fresh and the seasoning tasted fantastically good with hints of shallots and garlic; it's so good one can eat without the provided sauces.

Flip over to the other side: the thicker skin was not too thick and very bitely nice. And yes, the flesh was so fresh that the strips of meat were clearly firm.

And to add to the flavour of the food, very nice sceneries of the neighbouring kampong...

... and on the other side a glorious view of the sea. It was a great combo of good food, beautiful sceneries coupled with the whiff of the sea softly blown in by a sea breeze.
It would have been great to sit outside, but it was a hot day; perhaps I will come again another day, in the evening.

D'Seafood Paradise menu for fish, shell-fhish, prawns, crabs, etc.

D'Seafood Paradise main menu showing other seafood, rice, steam-boat. There's another section that shows meat, vegetables and tom-yams; apologies that photo did not turn out well.

1305, Jalan Teluk Tempoyak, Batu Maung, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-626 6985     Mobile: +6013-5987115
Hours: 12:00pm to 1:00am Everyday
Facebook: Dseafood-Paradiseteluk-Tempoyak/271124739701371
GPS: 5.278843, 100.289843

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