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YummY! - Yee Sang Kai Chok @ Kampar Gold Wing

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Kampar, Perak, Malaysia - August 2014
Sometimes its the simple food in life that surprisingly satisfy us. One such no-frills meal is the Yee Sang-Kai Chok (Raw Fish-Chicken Porridge) selling from a small stall at the Gold Wing Coffee-shop in Kampar. Raw fish and Pak Cham Kai (boiled chikcen) isn't that odd a combination. For westerners perhaps yes, but for us Chinese it's a normal fare, although stalls selling raw fish are not easy to come by these days.

The combo came as a set in separate bowl and plates. The porridge is without any taste, just plain white congee, the photo above shows some of the fish already added in.

Toman (Snake-head Fish) is usually used for these porridge. Cut into almost wafer thin slices, they are presented in a plate together with slices of Chinese Cabbage and spring onions, and marinated in a soy sauce-oil mixture.

 Unless you like the fish raw, quickly take the slices, put them into the hot porridge and stir them around. Within seconds the fish will be cooked while at the same time imparting some of their flavour into the congee.

Now comes the part I like best - the Pak Cham Kai (Boiled Chicken). The chicken is boiled whole and then cut into good sized pieces. A simple soy sauce/oil is added and the the dish is topped up by short cuts of spring onions.

For this simple dish to be good, the chicken has to be a respectable size and the skin adequately thick. Boiling has to be done perfectly so that the skin attains a nice, soft lustre.

The stall is at the far corner of the shop (the sharp corner) and the operator is a friendly, smiling fellow.

Their price list.

A simple and wonderful meal, this Yee Sang Kai Chok should not be missed if you are up in Kampar. The Pak Cham Kai here is one of the best I have tried; in my humble opinion, I dare say even better than most in Ipoh.

While there, also try the Pegaga juice, it's a cool, refreshing drink with some medicinal qualities.

Pusat Makanan Gold Wing, Jalan Pejabat Pos.
Stall's Tel. No. : +6012-571 3177

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