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Tokyo, Japan - November 2013
The Senso-ji Temple is Tokyo's most well known temple. With it's wide sloping roof as seen above, it is also one of the most recognizable temple, and has in a way come to represent Tokyo.

Other features of the temple that has made it easily distinguishable are the multi-roofed five-storey pagoda ...

... and the giant red and gold lanterns that hang from the entrance gateway and main temple.

The road leading to the temple are marked out by two entrance arches, on at each side.

Getting closer before entering the temple grounds Kamimari-dori, the road leading in, is crowded and there is a feeling of festivities abounding. Ahead can be seen the Tokyo Skytree.

Here at this alley, a rickshaw can be seen at this private entrance into the temple which is next to the Chingodo Hall.

Statues of Japanese peasants of old, lend the tourist a photo opportunity.

A street vendor dressed up in olden days Japanese costume.

At a shop, a man is seen making these cookies.

And up on a roof a Japanese Peasant can be seen peeking down on us.

A Japanese rickshaw puller, talking to his tourist patrons.
These rickshaw men are in a way tourist guides too; while they pull along they will narrate some history of the place, etc.

Making a turn, suddenly we see the main gate pavilion, the Hozoman Gate, looming over us.

Giant lanterns hang from the ceiling of this entrance pavilion.

Beyond that the main temple can be seen peeping through the trees. On one side are shops selling souvenirs and tit-bits.

Though set right in the centre of Tokyo, the temple authorities have done a good job in landscaping the place as best as possible.

In a niche, a sitting Buddha statue.

A lotus flower shaped prayer urn sitting next to the holy water shed.

Another niche, with a shrine to a monk saint.

A close up view of the 5-Storey Pagoda.

Chingodo Hall, this place is off limits to the public.

Japanese schoolboys hanging up prayers written on paper and folded.

We are ready to enter the Main Hall, the Hondo. Seen from slightly afar, one can appreciate the curves of its roof better.
The steps leading up to the entrance of the Main Hall, the giant red lanterns sits conspicuously at the centre.

The signature giant red lantern hang from the ceiling of the entrance.

The roof column supports and roof rafters are simple but yet elegant.

To one side, a giant hemp-rope slipper hangs from a wall.

Inside the Main Hall, devotees line up to prayer while tourist queued to take photos.

For preservation purposes, the altar area is sealed off from the public. Viewing is through glazed fixed panel on three sides.

I too join in to prayer for a safe trip in Japan. Standing in front of the sealed altar area, I threw in some coins into the slotted box in front, with a double clap, I clasped and said my prayers.

I left through the side entrance, hoping that my prayers will be answered.

Asakusa Kannon Senso-ji
Address : 2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku,
Tokyo, Japan

GPS : 35.712885, 139.796546
Web Page :
Admission : Free

Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo, Japan Location Map (Google Map Link)

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Travel Sites / Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo, Japan
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